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TM Mark as Bobby Darin

Mark Performing
as Bobby Darin

While all his friends were listening to popular music, Mark was busy listening to the music of such greats as Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. The music of this era was so inspiring to Mark that he eagerly jumped at the chance to perform in front of any audience. This further inspired him to set out and create his first CD “Totally Suave”. Marks goal was for his CD to be aired on a nationally syndicated program. He accomplished this goal and was featured on the ABC National Radio Network.

Marks newest CD also soars to new heights. This CD has received National air play on such programs as American Standards By The Sea and the Jim Low Show. Mark continues to grow as an artist and in popularity, performing regularly for the last 12 years. He is confident that the music of the American Standards is not only here to stay but has won its place in the hearts of today's popular music lovers.

Mark's Video